Louis Roederer Data Visualization

Louis Roederer Data Visualization

This project was an attempt to visualize data on Louis Roederer’s champagne sales using rating, year of production, price, and size of reviewing participants as variables. This visualization was then used to brand a bottle of their champagne.


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the data

All data was taken from Kaggle where my and a partner isolated the data that we wanted to use. A link to this data is included below.

Wine Rating & Price | Kaggle

the visualization

  • The rating is represented on the Y-Axis.
  • The year the wine is produced is represented on the X-Axis.
  • The price is indicated by color. Cooler colors indicate that the wine is more expensive
  • The size of the bubbles signifies how many participants rated each individual champagne.
  • The name of the wine is written alongside the bubbles.
Graph Representing Data