Typographic Magazine Spreads

Typographic Magazine Spreads

This project was created during my undergraduate studies for an advanced typography course. We were asked to create three different magazine spreads of any kind we desired. They did not have to match one another but rather serve as an exercise in creating typographic layouts.


Type Design

Layout Design



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process work

I started this project with an emphasis on the type. I wanted to let the type inspire the rest of the spreads. I chose words that were inspirational to me and started to play with different fonts. The type in this project could not be hand drawn but rather a careful pairing of different typographic elements. I stretched the concept of using type as an image to create images from type for my third poster. The skeleton seen in these explorations is made of Bauhaus 93 type. It is a reference to the foundations of graphic design practice functioning like a skeleton.

type magazine

My type magazine was inspired by typography itself. As stated above during my process work I created a skeleton made of traditional type. To contrast this I put the title “type” in a font called “Bad Typ”. This contrast was to serve as a form of humor, but also as a representation of the evolution of type where strict traditional rules are no longer the norm. The layout is a standard magazine layout, however, I added bright colors to put a modern twist on the Bauhaus style of design from which the skeleton is crafted.

  • This spread was inspired by typography itself
  • The skeleton is made of “Bauhaus 93” type as a reference to the roots of graphic design
  • The “Type” is in a font called “Bad Typ” which references greater acceptance today for typography that is not traditional

superstitions magazine

My second magazine started with the word “Superstitions” For some reason, I was attracted to this word. It flowed almost musically. This inspired a sort of musical theme for the whole spread. I chose three different kinds of fonts for this spread to be used in the heading, subheader, and body. The images were to evoke a classic rock and roll/grunge feel. I would have liked to put a real musician in the spread, but for the purposes of this project, it was not necessary.

stretch magazine

The final spread was inspired by music as well. The title “Stretch” referenced the stretched type in the heading. Although not traditional, I enjoy the look of stretched type for more alternative content. The heavy-weight title is contrasted by the lighted weight subheading. The bold text is white but bolded to ensure it is still readable even on a red background.