Prisma: Digital Kiosk

Prisma is a sustainable sunglasses brand that sources its materials from CDs and other e-wastes. They are committed to their brand mission of creating a fashionable, sun-safe accessory that allows all kinds of wearers to express themselves to their fullest range of emotion, through the use of color. Prisma strives to create an inclusive and accessible experience, specifically dedicated to those who are concertgoers.




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“My brand values sustainability, self-expression, and color.”

“Prisma is deeply inspired by the shape and properties of the prism.”

For Prisma, I wanted to capture something youthful, but unexpected since the CDs have reflective properties that function in the same way that a prism does. They cast a whole assortment of colors, like how the colors of sunglasses lenses in the brand do. The combination of a triangle, for a prism, and a circle, to represent a CD, shapes the text for the brand. An eye is used as a symbol of individuality and the glasses are as unique as the wearer behind them.

the kiosk

Having a kiosk for this brand interested me greatly. I have seen kiosks appearing everywhere and wanted to do more research on them as there is limited information about them online. The kiosk’s goal is to help a user easily find sunglasses, try them on with AR, and then easily allow them to make their purchase and have them dispensed.

target audience

“We are seeking young adults who shop regularly and are seeking unique, sustainable items to add to their wardrobe.”

My users are those concerned with the environment, self-expression, and fashion.

They will be wearing this product, ordering this product, trying on this product, and posting this product to social media.


research – sustainability

“Those paying close attention include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which notes that 5.5 million tons of software is currently going into landfills and incinerators in addition to Americans throwing away “millions of CDs” each year.”

E-waste products can be made into:

  1. Reusable Accessories
  2. Plastics
  3. Precious Metals
  4. Hard Metals

Prisma is the first sustainably minded sunglasses brand to offer digital kiosks and virtual try-on services. This reduces waste created by the transportation and shipping of products.

competitor analysis

Bonnie and Clyde

Trendy, inclusive brand that ensures their frames are made of recyclable, plant-based materials.

Future Mood

High-end, futuristic brand that appeals to the fashion-forward and purveyors of quality.

Rainbow OPTX

Brand that markets sunglasses as mood-boosting through the use of color. 

research – the market

The methods I used to find information include market research, case studies, and advice of professionals in the industry. After looking at the data, I extracted some key findings:

AR would be necessary for customers to have an authentic experience with a product that they cannot yet touch.

Proper onboarding will be a necessity for this newer kind of technology for it to remain accessible to a broader audience.


I also chose to conduct a survey myself to help expand my knowledge of my target audience. I found that:

“72.7% of users surveyed felt positive about self check out systems.”

“81.8” of those surveyed would be open to buying products at a music festival.”

“36.4% of users agreed that the virtual try-on option would make them more likely to purchase items from a brand.”

This process assured me that my idea is viable. It also guided my advertising strategy and reaffirmed the benefits of adding in virtual try on technologies.


Low Fidelity
Mid Fidelity

user testing

I conducted user testing with three separate users and recorded my findings. I discovered during this process that people needed:

  • More clarity in product photography
  • More streamlined checkout
  • More clarity on how to move backward through pages

I addressed these problems by:

  • Using imagery of just the glasses rather than people wearing the glasses on the products page
  • Organizing products by color by default
  • Making check out button more clearly visible
  • Changing terminology when exiting the kiosk
  • Making breadcrumbs more visible and more easily identified as clickable
Updated High Fidelity Protoype