Ninth Letter

Ninth Letter

Ninth Letter is a literary publication created in Champaign, Illinois. As part of my ARTD 333 Type and Image course, I was asked to create two chapter openers for stories in the issue, front matter, and a cover design. My two chapter opener icons were used in the final publication.


Type Design



Book Design


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I chose for my cover to represent central Illinois as the publishers explained that was something that they valued in their organization. Another thing I wanted to incorporate was the moon as it reappeared in many of the featured stories.


A cat functions as a major symbol in this story and its appearance and disappearance mirror the triangulation in the protagonist’s life. Because of this, I wanted the cat to appear at the beginning and the end of the story.


The repetition of suburbia was a theme that this story touched on heavily. I wanted to emphasize this with repeating houses in the same sketched style but added some bright colors to allude to the quirkiness of the story as well.

front matter

I continued using the cornfield and moon imagery for the front matter. I used vintage illustrations for this portion and the selected fonts for this journal.


A flipbook of the pages I have created for this project is included below.